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OT: Penn State Tops Recruiter Rankings


For those still in school…some great news!


Good to know!

I’d love my girls to go to PSU and I am always thinking about moving back to PA. How long do you have to reside in PA to be considered in-state? I should try to get a job with the University to get a break on tuition too!


I just emailed that article to my brother and niece. She’s a junior engineering student (mechanical i think).


A related article also in today’s WSJ. I’ve read before, some years ago, about the reluctance to hire Ivy League grads. Too demanding, want too much money, and often leave for greener pastures, grad school, law school. Recruiters prefer less well off kids who succeed in school. Not as arrogant.


Just went to the career fair today. Hopefully it all works out.


Good luck. I just landed a job working at a nearby gym here in Atlanta today. I spent the summer teaching in Ecuador as a culmination of my teaching ESL/ESOL program, so I took the semester off to make back some of the money that I spent there before I student teach and graduate in the spring. Is this your final semester, or do you have a year to go phiman?

p.s. I think that attending Penn State even helped me land this job. My boss is a die-hard Florida graduate and season-ticket-holder, and my manager is from Wilkes Barre and loves Penn State. The boss and I’s common interest in college sports helped during the interviews, haha.