OT: Painter Extension


Matt Painter got an extension. Just another telling quote for the naysayers of contract extensions.

"When kids are making early decisions, if they can get past their senior years and know the coach still has four or five years -- that's all they really want to know," he said. "We've been able to prove that with this contract."


Any coach who has a contract less than 4 years is at a disadvantage when it comes to recruiting.


OK …so EVERY coach in every college sport should always maintain at least 4 years on their contracts…Regardless of their job proformance etc, etc. Well, REGARDLESS of anything and/or everything.

Sounds like a pretty good gig.

I would hope management would have reasonable "buy outs!"
Management (at least in the case of football and basketball) pay HUGE salaries…They desire some “rights” also.


DaSean Butler has been quoted saying that he would have came to Seton Hall if Louis Orr had more job security/an extension. Instead, he got fired and Butler went to WVU.