OT - NYT on Russ Rose and the volleyball team




I saw the team play twice this year, once on JetBlue. That one was vs. Big 10 team, and it was close for awhile. Hodge has got to be the best athlete at the school. Spectacular. She dominates. Some others are great also. I should pay more attention. I had no idea how good they were. I knew the record, but was still blown away. They look almost flawless at times.

I liked the Rose idea of what you didn’t do, like the rebound you didn’t get. Ed should start keeping those. Imagine saying to a player, “you’ve just gone negative. You might want to do something about that”, and have them know what you mean? Hah.


I played golf with Russ, probably 5 or 6 years ago. Stand up guy, loves his cigars. I remember I asked him two questions about his team…recruiting and what the heck was he charting during games. He recruits hard, there is no fluke as to why his program has continued success. He did explain what he charts during games and I, much like you KidC, was really impressed with the philosophy of it all.


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