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OT: Northwestern vs OSU tied with 1:14 to go... ESPN2

Worth checking this one out, OSU on the ropes.

57-57 with 1:35 left. espn2

Funny enough, Kraft just got called for the same kind of foul he did against TB late in the game.

Ohio State is obviously good…but they live on the edge way too much. They’re my early pick for an early round upset in the tourney.

NW with the ball, still tied. 46.2 secs left.

Thanks for the heads up, just tuned in.

Hmmm. Even when Sullinger started out by setting a screen at the top of the key, I thought he might end up with the ball under the hoop by the end.

3.5 seconds left…does NW throw a hail mary? ;D

Wow, Shurna isn’t even playing?

OSU ekes out another one, 58-57

Yay. >:(

Jeez, Sullinger seems like a good kid, too.

Yeah, from the box score, he apparently did not play the whole game. Anyone know why?

Someone had a concussion that they were talking about, must have been Schurna.

“Concussive symptoms” I think was the quote from the announcers.

Sullinger is a guy who I’d love to see in the Big Ten for four years. Great player and seemingly great guy.

Fat chance he lasts that long though.

He took a header into the basket support last game. Came back out of the locker room to play in that one but was later diagnosed with a concussion.