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OT - Never join a league with Pitt


Big East getting cold feet about Villanova football


Pitt of all teams…who relies on fans from other teams to buy a season ticket package (for cheap, of course) to pad its attendance figures.

Maybe they were concerned Nova would have more fans at games than Pitt?


Good fine tjb!!

Lots of talk about it Pgh. Lots of issues. One would be continued talk of the potential split between football Big East schools and basketball Big East teams.
2nd would be the rumor that USF is VERY pro Nova…only to keep UCF out of the Big (L)east. 3rd would be to keep an opening for a potential “other” member (like Kansas or Kansas St.)
Again lots of political type BS talk…but I think it will get done.


Wow. Thank you Nova for all the money you pump into the conference through your basketball membership - money that benefits each and every member…but no thanks on finding a place with us for football.

Rutgers? Rutgers is balking? Who the heck are they. Their relevance in any sport leaves much to be desired. What exactly has Pitt done to wield such power. No national championships, laughable and football results.

If I were Nova I might tell the Big East to kiss my rear end and go try to form my own conference.

Maybe cajole: Memphis, SMU, Tulsa, Southern Miss, Houston out of Conference USA

Invite Temple and Air force

and pull a really big coup and talk Cincinnati, UCONN and Louisville out of the Big East. Give it a shot.


Pitt with a block? Sounds familiar.

Ask Paterno his opinion on it. :-X


Seriously, Rutgers and Pitt will be the judge of whether your football program is up to snuff.


What’s funny is that Michigan and Ohio State would probably have done the same things to Rutgers and Pitt, (as they did to Nova) if and when they were brought up for discussion about the 12th Big Ten school.