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OT: NCAA Field Hockey Second Round - PSU vs UConn


Stream here - quality it terrible, there’s no commentary nor score overlay but PSU is in the blue and I’ll update with any scores.


PSU takes a 1-0 lead on a goal by Tavern waitress :wink: Hannah Allison.

Correction: They must have waived it off.

Very confusing because there is no commentary but PSU scored and the PA announcer even announced it. But Gametracker still has 0-0


The good news is that we scored later. So the score is at least 1-0.


FWIW, live stats link:


The Allison goal didn’t count for some reason but PSU leads 1-0 at the half.

PSU scored on a Taylor Herrold to Jenna Chrismer connection - both girls are freshmen.

Winner of this game advances to the Final Four in Lexington next weekend.


UConn ties it 1-1.


Huskies takes the lead 2-1 on a shot that was blocked by the goalie but just trickled in. 10 minutes left.


3-1 UConn with four minutes left. PSU was the better team in the first half but UConn really responded in the second.


Not over yet. 3-2 now with two minutes left. UConn timeout.


Now it is. 3-2 final.