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A 2016 Vanity Fair interview with him.



Could Metallica be coming to the BJC or Beaver Stadium?


Does anyone know if the White Bldg still has baskets?


October 20th at the BJC




Oh well.


And his replacements are…


This is good



This past November my son and I toured the Gibson Guitar factory in Memphis. I was amazed at the craftsmanship that went into each guitar. Each guitar truly is hand-made. We were told it takes approximately 50 man hours to complete 1 guitar. If they stay afloat I highly recommend the tour.


Gibson has been making horrible decisions for years, so I’m not terribly surprised by it.

I was more bummed about this news.



Growing Up With Steve Miller
Eleven years ago, the man who topped the charts with ‘The Joker’ and ‘Rock’n Me’ took a thirteen-year-old guitarist and would-be songwriter under his wing. More than a decade later, he’s still teaching me lessons on how to be an adult.

Mr. Steve—he said he wasn’t comfortable with “Mr. Miller”—left the donors’ table to play music on the porch with two middle schoolers. My brother sat down and thumped out a rhythm. Mr. Steve laid down some chords, and I tried to show off. I played some blues licks, the only kind of guitar licks I sort of knew how to play. I ran up the pentatonic scale like my uncle had taught me, hammered a Freddie King riff, and watched Mr. Steve’s eyes light up a bit.

I didn’t realize it then, but I was crudely speaking the same vocabulary that he’d used to build his career. Before he rejoined the adults, he showed me a chord progression the great Texas blues musician T-Bone Walker had taught him when Mr. Steve was my age, and then my parents made me go to bed.


Hear Talking Heads: 77 Come To Life… in 1977
The band played CBGB’s on this day 41 years ago.


I never liked the original song but I like this. He “de-popped” it just enough.



Good old Arlo!