OT: LA Times article on Mike Reid


Perhaps my all-time favorite Penn State football player.

[size=10pt]Mike Reid went from game plans to song sheets[/size]

Reid had a dramatic impact the very first moment he stepped on the field for Penn State. Reid was a first team all state fullback for Altoona in high school. In those days, freshman couldn’t play so Reid set out his freshman year, 1965. His first game for PSU was to be against Maryland which was also going to new coach Joe Paterno’s debut.

Word leaked out of practice that Paterno had chosen to move Reid to defensive tackle. That move caused considerable consternation among local fans who were looking forward to seeing Reid carry the ball for PSU. If there had been message boards then, they would have been burning up wanting to know what this new coach was thinking.

Those calls quieted rapidly after Reid’s first game.

PSU opened at home against Maryland. In that game, Reid just tore apart the Maryland offensive line and PSU won 15-7. In that one game, Reid recorded more safeties, three, than anyone ever had at PSU - not only for a game, but also a season, AND a career. To this day, Reid still holds the career record for safeties and they were all made in his very first game. He was simply unblockable. He was also named Sports Illustrated national defensive player of the week and went on to a fantastic career both at Penn State and in the NFL.

I never heard another peep about Reid playing fullback after that.


Thanks for posting. I am old enough to remember watching Reid play football for Altoona High when I was just a kid. He was even Altoona’s placekicker! Mike is also one of my all time favorite PSU football players.


I saw Mike Reid in concert two years ago. It’s not really a concert as much as it’s just him telling stories and playing songs at his piano. Great storyteller, songwriter, pianist, and vocalist. His two CD’s, Turning For Home and Twilight Town are worth a listen if they’re still available.