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OT: Korie Lucious arrested for Drunk Driving

A little bit more serious than an underage citation.

OK. If you’re Izzo what is your punishment for Korie? Do you suspend him for a few games at the beginning of the season to make MSU “look” good by giving him a public punishment even though it’s 2 1/2 months after the fact and the game(s) are glorified scrimmages?

I just thought of something. If the NCAA is supposed to protect the student athletes shouldn’t they forbid coaches from using extreme versions of normal physical exercise like gassers, suicides, stadium steps, laps, etc as punishment? They aren’t being done for the benefit of the player or the team. They are punishment. What happens if a player has a heart attack or heat stroke during one of these punishments? Personal Injury lawyers will line up to sue the coach, school and NCAA.

I think they are being done for both the benefit of the player and the team AND as punishment. The 2 aren’t mutually exclusive.

I think if a players gets hurt during one of these routine exercises (when did suicides or gassers become extreme?) then defense lawyers could prove it was unavoidable…?

With him being under 21 it could be a 2 bagger for Korie. First Izzo has to deal with the drinking and then the more serious infraction of the underage DUI.