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OT:Joe Frazier, RIP


What a gem. Saw him fight Ali in the last two fights on closed circuit TV, driving 40 miles to attend at the Syracuse War Memorial Auditorium(going from memory on the name). Always rooted for him over Ali, and of course he lost both fights, the “Thrilla in Manila” considered one of all time great heavyweight fights. It was outdoors, something like 110 degrees at ringside. Frazier didn’t answer the bell for the 15th round, his trainer throwing in the towel, saying he couldn’t see. Ali made a comment after the fight, something like “I was close to death.”


Thanks for this. Frazier was great! If this were a facebook page I’d click “like” on this post.


Obviously an anti-GW sympathizer with all the greenhouse gasses he squandered flying back and forth to Manila.


Can you keep it on topic please? :wink: But yeah, almost as bad as the monthly jet set of the IPCC, who jet to exotic places every month to fret about climate…after the beaches, nightclubs, etc., tire them out.

Ben, upon reflection, I also drove my sister’s car the 40 miles each way to view the fights. It was a '65 Buick Skylark convertible, which got only 7 or 8 mpg. The horror! My carbon footprint was awful. maybe as bad as Frazier’s! Then again, as I see the car is now worth in excess of $30,000, probably more than 15X what it cost new, guess we should have garaged it, and taken a bus.


Joe sings:


[quote=“tundra, post:5, topic:2785”]Joe sings:

Great clip. Those Ali ones, where Ali is in red shorts, must be the first fight, which I didn’t see. He’s certainly giving Ali a beating in a few of those spots, where Ali is bouncing off the ropes. That fight’s never been on TV.