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OT: JetBlue One Day Only Sale

Thought some might be interested in this. Tight window, but cheap fares. Today only(though they do this on occasion, or til they fill seats)

I travel quite a bit for work but have never flown via JetBlue. Delta and US Air exclusively, although Delta recently became my #1 after years of flying US Air.

US Air always seems to have problems (delays, lost baggage, etc) and I have not had very good experiences with their customer service - I only fly with them if I need to anymore. Domestically, I usually fly with American Airlines anymore. Internationally, LAN Airways is awesome. They fly between South America and the US and recently got brand new planes that are awesome. Their customer service is also top-notch.

I have never flown with Jetblue either but have heard good things about them from friends - I want to try it out one of these days (they do not have “classes” so every seat is upgraded). Why can’t they offer a $39 fare to Oxford, Mississippi for the game? Jeeze, just one more obstacle Penn State basketball has to overcome :slight_smile: