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The NBA game is way more open and suits Josh’s skill set better to allow him to score more. Also, when did a handful of Summer League games ever become proof of anything? He wasn’t creating his own looks in Summer League either.

But I guess you get to say LOL and get in some insults, so good for you.

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“My money is on the Mavs, not you.”

Disagreement, yes. Insult, no.

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Pretty much his entire tone was to put down my opinion like it was obviously wrong or somehow against the opinion of the Dallas Mavericks. I’m not sure how he came to that conclusion looking at what I wrote, but apparently he did, and if you don’t think the intent of his post was to put me down or insult me, then I’m not sure you read it correctly.

I never said I am as smart as an NBA front office, I never said anything bad about Josh Reaves either, just how I evaluate his skill set. What I said can be correct and also be the opinion of the Dallas Mavericks as well. You don’t need to be a potential 15-20 ppg scorer to get a 2-way deal.

I’ll just add my four cents and be done.

  1. When I read his response to your post, I did not assume or apply any intent to it. I read it quite literally. Assumed/applied intent is the quickest way to kill any rational discussion.

  2. His response was what, less than 40 words? If you can interpret the author’s tone from such a short, off the cuff response, you’re a better person than I.

  3. I stick by my original point. Disagreement and insult are not synonymous.

  4. …and I have called Lar a pompous ass once or twice on the various iterations of this board over the years.


I don’t have a horse in this race, but I think it’s pretty easy to decipher intent when the counter-argument starts with “LOL.”


Then I guess I’m out of touch. I’ve never thought or known that LOL was an egregious insult. Calling someone a fü@&!ng moron? Yes, insulting.

LOL? Nope, I don’t see that as insulting on a sports message board.

laughing out loud at someone’s opinion, I believe, is where the issue is. …and all caps? Boom - drop the gloves. :wink:

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This. If you start a response to someone’s stated opinion with LOL then you are laughing in their face.

Well, perhaps I’m just a fü@&!ng moron who wouldn’t recognize an insult if it laughed in my face.

Thank you tjb for moving this discussion to a new thread.


FTR, the only reason I capitalized it was because it’s an abbreviation and (pompous ass remark follows), correctly used, should be capitalized. :wink: :