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OT: Inspirational weekend visit by Josiah Viera

Josiah Viera is a seven year old who suffers from Progeria, the premature aging disorder. He was in town this weekend as the official guest of the State Little League Association who are playing the state championships in the area. He was also threw out the first pitch for the Spikes on Saturday night and was again in attendance at tonight’s game.

ABC and ESPN have produced a couple of stories about this kid’s fight with his disease and his love for baseball.

Pint-Sized Boy’s Big Baseball Dream

You really can’t appreciate how small this kid is until you see him in person (the video just doesn’t do him justice). He was sitting just behind home with Spikes GM Jason Dambach tonight along with a couple of Spikes players who were on the inactive list for tonight’s game. You could really see how much he and the players were enjoying themselves.

From Guy Cipriano’s Monday CDT story.

Notes:Catcher Matt Skirving caught 7-year-old Josiah Viera’s ceremonial first pitch before the opening game of the state Little League tournament at Montressor Field earlier Sunday. Viera, who visited the Spikes on Saturday, threw the ball retained from Skirving’s first professional homer. Skirving gave the ball to Viera, who is diagnosed with Progeria, a rare genetic disorder that stunts growth and accelerates aging. Skirving homered during Saturday’s fourth inning. Viera also attended Sunday night’s game.

Old thread but new great update.

  1. This kid is a fighter!

[quote=“CAPPY, post:3, topic:2568”]Old thread but new great update.

  1. This kid is a fighter![/quote]

That is awesome. Glad you found it.

Good stuff…


That’s fantastic. The number of people that he inspired in his short life is just amazing.

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