OT: Herb Magee wins No. 903


Great story. Herb played at Philadelphia Textile (Philadelphia U) and has been there ever since. It’s nice to see that Jay Wright, Fran Dunphy, and other Philly coaches were at the game. Herb was a tremendous shooter as a player, and is still in great demand as a shooting instructor. http://www.philly.com/philly/sports/colleges/20100223_Magee_breaks_coaching_record.html


Wow, great achievement! I remember first watching Philly Textile play on my rabbit eared small black and white bedroom TV. I think it was the national play-offs (maybe D-2??) I think it was shown on public TV (channel 13) in Pittsburgh. Maybe late 60’s.


Strange thing is my sister went to Philly Textile (now Philly University) and her boyfriend played on the BBall team in the mid 90’s. I was living in Philly at the time, so I went over to see 6 or 8 games over a two year period. After about the third game, I talked to my sister and her boyfriend and commented how I thought the coach stunk and what was he doing with the line-up he had on the floor and the game he was trying to play.

Only later did I find out the guy had like 700 wins at the time. Still don’t understand it.

That and the fact that I thought Div II BBall was at a higher level. I am about 95% sure that if you took the #1 court over at the IM building and built yourself an all star team of the guys playing on that court, that PSU IM team would have kicked Philly Textile and every team I saw them play but with no problem. Other than the fact that most teams had a center in the 6’8"-6’10" range, where the IM center would be more in the 6’5" range, the guard and forward play at the Div II level I thought overall was not that great.


Heard him on 610 WIP the other day. Classy dude.