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Pitt only up 10-7 at the half at home vs Delaware.

Pitt wins 17-14.

Also watching some of the Oregon vs Cal game tonight. It appears that PSU transfer Juwan Johnson is not playing and I don’t think he has played so far this season due to an injury.

This is cool!


I was sorry to see this local kid from Harrisburg get hurt last night with what appeared to be a serious leg injury. In high school he played for Bishop

Juwan finally played for Oregon last night. He had two catches for 36 yards. No stats available on how many passes he dropped. :wink:

Tommy Stevens having a tough season at MSU. I know he was injured but he got benched again today in the first half after throwing two interceptions in MSU’s 20-10 loss at Tennessee.
Feel bad for him.

South Carolina just beat No. 3 Georgia 20-17 in OT


Yeah…my son’s a freshman at UGA, and is also a huge Braves fan, having played baseball throughout high school. Just received a text from him after making certain he was not on some ledge in Athens…
“I don’t deal with sports anymore…it hurts.”


Welcome back NIttany!! The victory is sweeter the more the losing hurts. Hope he’s doing well in College. So you’re a bulldog fan now I take it. I wouldn’t blame you for trading the Illini for the Bulldogs. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Being an Illini fan must be like living with a bulging disk… the pain is constant with no relief. :slight_smile:

Thanks MarkH. I guess I’ve been more of a lurker than poster the past year or so.

Growing up a New York Giants/Knicks/Rangers/Mets and Penn State fan, I’ve had my share of championships to crow about. Especially being able to celebrate with my friends/classmates on the football team that wonderful January 1987 night in Tempe, AZ.

After Georgia beat Notre Dame last month, my son, who lived and breathed every bit of that crazy weekend (I was there for College GameDay but didn’t attend the game…sort of a Kirk Herbstreit type of day :-), he told me that was #2 on his all-time sports fan list. #1 wasn’t anything Atlanta, where he grew up. Why? Because, in his lifetime none of the Atlanta major sports teams (MLS doesnt count in his world…as it does in my daughter’s) won anything. Yet, he had to go through such heartache as “28-3”. That was almost as bad as Buffalo losing four straight, I think. And this week, the dreaded 10-spot in the Cardinal first…and now this loss.

#1 on his list was Tiger Woods win at the 2018 Tour Championship, because he and I were part of Tiger’s Troop marching up 18. I sort of have that as my #2 sports fan moment after PSU/Miami. Phenomenal.

Anyway, this Georgia Bulldog team was to be his biggest chance at one of his teams to win the big one. Now, they’ll be lucky to beat Florida/Auburn just to get to the SEC title game and even luckier to beat Bama/LSU in that contest to get to the CFP.

The one good thing…they still control their own destiny, but have to win out. I hope they make a go of it. Jake Fromm is such a good kid.

Though, the silver-lining in this for us all, is that the SEC might only have one team in the CFP, opening the door for the B1G to finally get a long-overdue invite to the party.

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Big Ten the only conference with 4 teams.

and we may have to go through all 3 other B1G squads before the season is over (2 are already scheduled).

I sure hope PSU does end up playing all 3, that would mean PSU vs Wisconsin in the BT Championship Game. :+1:


Lifetime Forum Membership if you can name the only Penn State player named on this list before reading it:

There’s a few contenders out there, but I’ll guess Cam Brown.