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Neat, but a sign that you possibly have too much money.

Mississippi State loses at home today to Kansas State 31-24. Tommy Stevens was benched in the 3rd qtr.

Upset of the day so far, The Citadel wins at Georgia Tech in OT 27-24.

Sounds like he’s been dealing with an “Upper body injury”. so it might have been as much of a medical benching as a performance one.

From what I read it was both.

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Headline says it all,except for this:

According to data from SeatGeek provided by Notre Dame, a visit from the Fighting Irish results in a 96 percent ticket bump on tickets in the secondary market. That’s the highest in all of college football, with Michigan (68 percent) and Penn State (67 percent) the next highest.

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Great comeback win for Tulane over Houston last night. But, if they are the Green Wave, why are they wearing powder blue uni’s?

Light blue has always been one of their colors, at least since the late 80s. It’s usually used as an accent color, but it’s there.

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12 minutes +

Pitt only up 10-7 at the half at home vs Delaware.

Pitt wins 17-14.

Also watching some of the Oregon vs Cal game tonight. It appears that PSU transfer Juwan Johnson is not playing and I don’t think he has played so far this season due to an injury.

This is cool!


I was sorry to see this local kid from Harrisburg get hurt last night with what appeared to be a serious leg injury. In high school he played for Bishop

Juwan finally played for Oregon last night. He had two catches for 36 yards. No stats available on how many passes he dropped. :wink:

Tommy Stevens having a tough season at MSU. I know he was injured but he got benched again today in the first half after throwing two interceptions in MSU’s 20-10 loss at Tennessee.
Feel bad for him.

South Carolina just beat No. 3 Georgia 20-17 in OT


Yeah…my son’s a freshman at UGA, and is also a huge Braves fan, having played baseball throughout high school. Just received a text from him after making certain he was not on some ledge in Athens…
“I don’t deal with sports anymore…it hurts.”


Welcome back NIttany!! The victory is sweeter the more the losing hurts. Hope he’s doing well in College. So you’re a bulldog fan now I take it. I wouldn’t blame you for trading the Illini for the Bulldogs. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Being an Illini fan must be like living with a bulging disk… the pain is constant with no relief. :slight_smile: