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OT: Former PSU golfer Katie Futcher leads LPGA tournament

Katie was -2 for the day and remains tied for 1st place heading into tomorrow’s final round of the LPGA HSBC Championship in Singapore. Katie had had a bogey free week until she hit an errant drive on 18 today which allowed her two playing partners, Angela Stanford and Jennie Shin to tie her. All three were tied at the start of the second round and all three shot 69’s today. This is no slouch field either - 18 of the top 20 in the world ranking are playing. Final round is on the golf channel tomorrow at 1:30 pm.

Katie will be looking for her first LPGA win. She’s got one quirk that guys have to love, perhaps the most off the wall on course snack since Al Geiberger’s famed peanut butter sandwiches. She’s no health food, trail mix, banana toter. Katie chows down on bacon strips usually gobbling up ten or more during a round. What makes this particularly funny is that she was a nutrition major at Penn State.

I’ve done a lot of work with the LPGA and searched out Katie during her rookie season on Tour. As much of a fan I am of Angela Stanford, personal friend, would love to see Katie beat her and the field for her first victory.

Katie and Angela are also very good friends and playing with her in her final round tomorrow might help steady her.

I believe Katie received a mention as "former Penn Stater " on The Golf Channel on Friday.

The tournament is being carried on the Golf Channel (same day delayed broadcast) but I believe they are using European Tour broadcasters. I didn’t catch any Penn State mention during their broadcast which isn’t surprising since college golf isn’t a very big thing in Europe or Asia. However, Katie’s PSU connection was mentioned several times when they did updates during the Golf Channel’s coverage of the World Match Play Championship in Tucson.

The “PSU mention” I saw was not on the women’s event broadcast. It was a Golf Center Update from the US desk that cut into the Match Play men’s event.

Katie shot 76 in the final round and finished 11th.

Thanks for spoiling it. >:(

[quote="tundra, post:7, topic:3116"]Katie shot 76 in the final round and finished 11th.[/quote]

Thanks for spoiling it. >:(

It turns out that your spoiler didn’t wind up being a problem. Katie was out of it so early that the coverage rarely included her. The finish turned out to be quite compelling however as the top two players had to suffer through a 90 minute lightning delay before playing their last hole. They result was a bogey and a double bogey which dropped them back into a four way playoff. The playoff went three very exciting extra holes before Angela Stanford won.