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OT:Food Thread


I thought this deserved its own thread, like movies. Some time ago, timauman went on about hot sauce, going to what I’d call ‘expert’ status on the subject. Re this piece on figs, I once went on a high fiber diet(for about a month), but it required 35 grams of fiber per day, so I looked for the highest fiber foods in order to get it done with minimum effort. The two winners in fiber content? Figs and red pinto beans. Black beans were slightly behind the red beans, but close enough. Dates weren’t bad either, but though similar, behind figs by a fairly big margin, and too sweet, IMO. Everything else, including fiber cereal and muffins, were way behind. These look like exciting uses. Timauman, I expect to hear back if you give them a shot. You’re our resident chef.


Big food section in the weekend WSJ. This one got me hungry. As a 6 month resident of Belgium, had to post this. In Belgium, ketchup used to cost money to get in a restaurant, 15-20 cents(35 years ago). On frites, typically served in a cone like holder as shown, they put a dollop of mayonnaise, and vinegar is an option. Don’t think you could even get ketchup at the roadside stands.

A little color on the industry. I didn’t know of the controversy, nor the political gridlock, nor that bintjes were different from longer tubers. Bruges has the world’s only french fry museum…and I missed it? Too much beer. Also sounds like the country invented the french fry. Hmmm.