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OT: FB 9 game conference schedule


I don’t like it, this only reduces the opportunities for attractive non-conference games, which fans typically enjoy just as much as the conference regulars. We’ll see how it works out.


Attractive non-conference games? We’re lucky to have 1 of those per season. Same goes for most other programs, most years. I think we’ll still manage to squeeze in our quota of those with 3 opportunities instead of 4.

Our league is packed with great teams, makes just as much sense to play more of your league than a bunch of scrubs imo.


Agree with Craftsy…

Though what this does is guarantee that PSU will have zero OOC road contests in the odd years (when they only have four home Big Ten games). So they’ll have to schedule wisely if they want to do home-and-home’s with the Bama’s of the world, which I’m sure they’ll still want to keep up.

If anything, this might hurt the Mid-American conference teams and a few other directional/FCS schools who get big pay days by filling up those four (soon to be 3) OOC slots.

Delany acknowledged that the majority of Big Ten coaches opposed the increase to nine league games. The change will eliminate a week of games typically played against weaker FBS teams or FCS schools, [b]and add six more losses for Big Ten teams.[/b]

I guess the B1G always went undefeated during the non conference stretch (at least against weaker teams). Someone look that up. ???


Big Deal; they will be playing 13 game seasons by then…BUT…it will be with “great concern” for the student athlete.


I agree… but adding 2 games to the current schedule for a playoff would be untinkable >:(