OT: Evan Turner


Anyone see the replay of Evan Turner’s missed dunk and fall today? Ouch… landed flat on his back. Hopefully it’s nothing too serious.

Here’s the initial report on ESPN



Ouch. Either way he is going to be very sore tomorrow.


What a shame for Evan, he will miss eight weeks after breaking bones in his back.


Get well soon…


This one scared me. If it is eight weeks that he is out he should count his blessings. Could have been much, much worse.

Hope everything goes well.


very tough for Evan, he was off to an incredible start… was getting POTY type talk.


Nasty fall indeed. Hope he can make a full recovery.


That really is horrible news. Glad that it wasn’t anything worse. It’s such a shame, since Evan started out this season so well. Hopefully he will make a full recovery and come back for the stretch run.

Get well soon Evan.