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OT: Earthquake

House shook in Harrisburg for 5-10 seconds. Wild.

Good 10-second shake here in Leesburg, VA. No evident damage to our building. A couple pictures fell off the wall and some file cabinets slid open. Livened up a pretty nondescript day, however.

I felt it in Pittsburgh! I was sitting/reading in my recliner and the chair started shaking!!
Did not guess it was an earthquake until I visited several web sites!

The floor, in our building here at PSU, was moving for a few seconds…

I’m pretty sure it’s a “sign” that PSU’s basketball program has become alive!! :wink:

The sleeping giant has awaken!!

Completely disrupted my marketing class when it happened. We all had no clue what the hell was going on.

I was on a conference call and disrupted the discussion with a “did anyone else feel that?”. People on the call from Glen Mills and NYC did. At first I thought I was gonna pass out until I realized it was the building and not me.

I kinda feel left out. I don’t expect earthquakes to happen on the east coast. Just be aware that some after shocks could happen.

Felt it up here in Boston. Very bizarre feeling - similar to the room spinning if you’ve had too many beers. (From what I’ve heard.) :wink:

I heard there were some shakes in Atlanta, but didn’t feel anything…then again I’m a dizzy person by nature.

Weird, but I’m working on a show on weathering catastrophes and might have to visit the site of wherever Hurricane Irene hits and now this.

Hope everyone is OK.

In NW DC, thought the roof was going to fall in, glad it was nothing too serious.

[quote="PSUWIN, post:4, topic:2620"]The floor, in our building here at PSU, was moving for a few seconds...[/quote]

I’m pretty sure it’s a “sign” that PSU’s basketball program has become alive!! :wink:

The sleeping giant has awaken!!

Very good. Now this can stay on the main board. :slight_smile:

In Albany an antique clock that hasn’t worked in 10 years started tick-tocking when the pendulum started to sway.

I’m in central MD…I was approaching a streetlight on my way to the dentist. I thought I blew a tire or my axle broke or something…that was a strange feeling.

First earthquake where I ever felt the quake. Not a fan.

In California, 5.9 is just an aftershock :slight_smile: Was surprised to hear about such a big one on the east coast though. Hope everyone is ok.

From a Washington Post interview w/a seismologist:

“I think the most important point in that regard, is that the Earth’s crust is a lot colder there, so energy travels much further without being dissipated. Even though it’s a 5.9, it’s a lot bigger deal than a 5.9 would be in California or Nevada. You might see damage further away from the epicenter than you might expect.”

So take that west coasty! :slight_smile:

Why do I always seem to miss things?

I may have felt it, may not have. Others were saying things a few minutes after it happened. I remember feeling something that was similar to a subwoofer, but thinking it was nothing. They move things around this building all the time that sometimes shake the floor or walls a bit.

I guess I’m not very alert, but all of you guys on the forum know that already. :-[

OK…I’m a big fan of chiles, and one of the new varieties that I am trying this year is the Bulgarian Carrot. I finally got one that ripened, so today I brought it along to work for a snack with my lunch. Must say it was pretty tasty, medium heat and a unique flavor. I’m thinking that I could like this one.

About five minutes later, I’m at my desk and I start getting very dizzy and shaky. After about 5-10 seconds it passes. Just as I’m starting to think that I’m having some sort of allergic reaction to the pepper or a very bad glucose swing, my supervisor stuck her head in my office and asked “Did you feet that?”

It was just us feeling Virginia’s earthquake up here on campus.

Now I’m worried. Will there be an earthquake every time I eat one of these peppers?

I concur…I’ll pass on the next one.

It’s not a comfortable feeling, I’ve experienced a few