OT: Dissecting Sagarin's all-time rankings


Apparently, Sagarin has ranked the the all time college basketball programs, using each school’s entire history.

Dissecting Sagarin’s all-time rankings

8 BIG TEN teams are in the TOP 20, …Penn State is ranked 82nd.

It’s a good read.

His TOP 10:
1 Kentucky
3 Kansas
4 North Carolina
5 Indiana
6 Illinois
7 Duke
8 Purdue
9 Ohio State
10 Iowa

The book is 1200 pages. I may have to go buy it.


Iowa in the top 10? Interesting. They must have had much more success in their history than I know about.


Without dissecting Sagarin’s reasoning, I’d have to say Illinois at #6 is a stretch to say the least. Maybe if they had won the title in both 1989 (when they had the best talent) and 2005 (when they had the best “college” team) then a top ten spot is in the offering.


It’s all math and statistics, so the reasoning (I’m assuming) goes into how much weight to give certain events as opposed to others. I’d love someone to dissect the “reasoning” that goes into the algorithm he uses.


The article says that Sagarin counts tournament wins double, but nothing extra for a national championship. Therefore two Elite Eights equal one National Championship. Iffy at best.