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OT-Coronavirus/COVID 19

So it sounds like you think the coronavirus-induced empty arena scenario is more likely.

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Wash your hands A LOT.

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I did! Just trying to have a little fun while we all worry about how we’ll access this website when Tim gets COVID-19.


Ten years ago in April. I don’t think I yet had the flu that gave me pneumonia that triggered the Guillain Barré Syndrome at this point in March.

That was Talor’s junior year, and some might recall that administering was in order back then.

This is incorrect. The current mortality rate for children under 10 is ZERO.

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And if you don’t have a pre-existing condition …

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You should cite your source on those for us

Here you go:

Best aggregation of information I’ve found; and I’ve been consuming everything on this, since I’m flying my family to Ireland in two days.

If you want to make me moderator during your COVID-19 absence, I think we would all agree I am most qualified to run the board. Food for thought. :grinning:

I’m selling the coronavirus because it now has its own thread on

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The corona virus is so under reported. Who can say what the mortality rate really is?

As this all evolves, it seems like the biggest “issue” between this and the seasonal flu is that some/many of those infected show nearly zero symptoms, so it spreads easier since people aren’t “sick”

The mentioned this on the “news” last night concerning the fatality in Washington. There’s reason to believe that there were carriers who have had the virus for some time (weeks) yet showed no symptoms at all. Therefore, the number of infected might be grossly under-reported (and thus, the mortality rate is way OVER stated).

So I’m firmly with the “Stay calm and wash hands” group.

Just please don’t put Uncle Lar in charge. :face_with_monocle:

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Actually, I think an empty NCAA site would be the closest thing to the BJC, so let’s bring that virus on!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I agree. I prefer wielding my power behind the scenes. :wink:

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Do we really think China is reporting everything accurately? Given the lack of symptoms in many people who have this strain of the flu (that’s what it is- no use of the scary Covid-19) how would you cordon that off? China will have to stop the rest of the world from traveling to their country as the flu strain will come back around to them again.