OT: Can you name them?


These are players, top notch ones, who played in Glens Falls, either in the PHSAA tourney, or the following Federation Games, which include the NYC PSAL and CHSAA winners. A thru G. The MV player covering Battle is the toughest question.

A: who are the two here? Both are entering the draft. The HC player led his ACC team in scoring the first two seasons on his team.

B: The one with the headband. :wink:

C: # 44 played in the NCAA Final 4’s this year. Big East player.

D: this player started for Syracuse this year. Hint too easy.

E: no hints, other than Talor’s better. :wink:

F: who’s the MV player currently playing in the Big East? He also made 1st team all NYS.

G:top 10 nationally ranked player headed to the SEC. IMO, he’ll disappoint.


Sylven Landesberg and Lance Stephenson
Brandon Triche
Talor and Coburn
Kevin Jones
Tobias Harris


[quote=“NICU, post:2, topic:1149”]Sylven Landesberg and Lance Stephenson
Brandon Triche
Talor and Coburn
Kevin Jones
Tobias Harris[/quote]

awesome, now for some tougher ones…and less hints. It’ll take me a few minutes.


Had a few more pics, but seemed to disappear from the site.

A: this kid’s(the one with the ball) at Bob Lanier’s college alma mater and played HS ball at Jonny Flynn’s alma mater. Tough to see the jerseys, he, he, he.

B: a former matrix listed player, PSU didn’t offer. Playing in the Patriot League. Didn’t get much time his frosh year.

C: 3 time all state player in “A” bracket, led his Peeksill team over Jimmer’s GF team. Thought this kid was a no miss. He’s riding the pine at Big East school. Never been so wrong on a kid,though he did have a red shirt injury his first year. Two time MVP at states.

D: #10 in this photo, played with Kemba Walker on this team, as well as Durand Scott of U Miami, FL, and Chris Fouch, Drexel…and they lost, with 4 DI players! The prior year Rice team had 7 DI players, including Edgar Sosa and Curtis Kelley(K State big man this season after transferring from UConn), and they lost too! And the team that beat them, Lincoln, then lost to MV in '06 finals. These games are unreal. This player left and prepped at Oak Hill, verballed Louisville, then V Tech, then attended Pac 10 school. Goes by the nickname, “Mo Mo”.


If you look at these shots, notice the eye positions of both Talor and Taran vs. the other couple dribbling, particularly Stephenson. One of the reasons the brothers are good, is they each handle so well, they can dribble with their heads up, looking ahead. It’s only one shot, but that’s how they dribble, and why they see the floor so well. Stephenson’s looking down at the floor in this shot, and the pressure is no greater on him than it is on Taran. Talor’s got a bit of space, but that’s how he dribbles as well, eyes up. There was a guy a few years ago at Syracuse, Pearl Washington, fast as could be, but it was partly due to his dribbling with his head down. 1st round pick, a complete bust. You can dribble very fast with your head down, but it leads to collisions, and missed opportunities. Stanley dribbled with his head down. On the break it’s okay, and one on one you can get away with it, but nowhere else. It’s like looking at the keys when you type. A bad habit, but you have to break it if you want to improve.