OT: Bizarre NFL contracts


I saw this on Page 7 of today’s Patriot-News, in the middle of the page, where they are talking about the Washington Redskins. Without a link, I will write out the blurb:

Mike Sellers' offseason boycott eventually paid off, helping the Pro Bowl fullback to land a contract extension. Sellers confirmed Wednesday he had swayed owner Dan Snyder to offer a new deal. [b]Its total value is about $6.9 million over the next six years, but the final two years are voided automatically if Sellers is still on the roster after the 2012 season.[/b] Essentially, it is a four-year deal with $1 million guaranteed.

Sure, I may be splitting hairs, but this just struck me as really odd. I know the reality and strange nature of the NFL contracts and salary caps, but this is w-a-a-a-a-y overboard.

If the contract is voided automatically if he is on the roster 4 years from now, how do they possibly get away with calling it a 6 year contract?


It’s that “new math.” You see a lot of it on this board also. :slight_smile:


If he gets traded, does the contract remain in place? Is it based on him being on the Redskins roster? Or the roster of the team that holds the contract at the time? Wonder what the annual salary is for the last two years – probably so low that Sellers would want it voided. But allows for the cap number to be lower until he is cut / traded / retired. The thing about the NFL cap is that you can only manipulate it for so long. Eventually you end up with a huge hit for players that are no longer on your team.