OT: Binghamton withdraws from postseason



One year after making the NCAAs, Binghamton has had coaches placed on leave and players kicked off the team stemming from all sorts of allegations, including dubious enrollments and lax enforcement of academic standards for athletes, detailed in a recent report led by retired New York chief judge Judith Kaye.



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So that’s what Mark Macon is up to these days!


It’s really a sad situation right now. They kicked out the 6 guys that were in trouble with the law or drugs, put Broadus on paid leave, and removed the two assistants that were involved in the issues found in the report released a few weeks ago. What you’re left with is Macon who wasn’t named in the report as having done anything wrong, and a bunch of scrappy kids that somehow put together a .500 season in the America East with possibly the least amount of talent in the league. So after all of that, it’s these kids that suffer the consequences. It’s also really strange that they’d wait until 3 days before the tourney to announce their intent to pull out. However, there are a lot of rumors that the America East really encouraged Binghamton to not attend, as they didn’t want a distraction or even more importantly, didn’t want the embarassment of Binghamton representing the AEC in the NCAAs with the cloud hanging over the program.


Been discussing this conference on Scouts… go Seawolves! :slight_smile:


This is like the Punxy Ground Hog…More hoop schools show cheatin and abuse and PSU get 3 more years of Ed. :wink: