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OT - Big Ten Icons #16 - Tonight at 9:00 ET on BTN

John Cappelletti

That will be followed by “Something For Joey”

I always found it strange that the Big Ten Network always shows these old PSU football games from before they were in The Big Ten (most recently the 1985 Alabama game where yours truly is all over the screen in my blue hair and face paint ;D).

But I have to admit, when I saw that they were honoring JC22 with being the 16th greatest icon in the history of the league (even though he probably never stepped foot into Ohio or Michigan his four years at PSU), I was happy that the league does recognize Penn State and its athletes pre-1990. Though I think I’m going to hold my breath on ever seeing “The Life and Times of Dick Mumma” on the BTN. :slight_smile:

70-73, PSU played @Wisky, @Iowa, @Illinois & hosted Iowa twice.

Thanks 'tree…I actually checked after I typed it. So I was correct, unless of course they took a bus to any of those Big Ten locales.

and only if they stopped for a pit stop