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OT: Big Ten football


That’s a hilarious joke. Wisconsin’s Oline was a disaster this year.


Purdue is believed to have sweetened Brohm’s current $4 million per-year deal to as much as $6 million annually, while offering additional incentives to stay. Louisville was believed to have made an offer of seven years and $35 million.


Oklahoma win over Texas, almost assuredly means that the BigTen Champion, Indy winner will not sniff the playoff for the 3rd straight year.
Can not help but think that Jim Delany is going to sit back quietly and continue to support the 4 team format.


Yep, that sucks for the Big Ten but if Georgia wins today the Big 12 champ will not be in the playoff either this year.


That would leave only 2 of the power 5 conferences included in the playoffs. That could well spell the end of the 4 team format.
IMO, from the get go, the 4 team format with 5 power conferences has been a failed format.


Delaney speaks, interesting comments. Maybe he is not a big fan of U. Meyer?


I think it’s gotta be Bama, Clemson, ND and Oklahoma. Losses matter and GA lost by 20 to LSU and blew the game yesterday.


Personally speaking, I’d move Oklahoma up to 3 and Notre Dame down to 4. I think Notre Dame should be punished for a few of their underwhelming performances this season, and the fact they don’t have to play a 13th game.


All this talk of “lost to so and so by x points” or whatever. I really don’t like how style points matter so much. It should be “did you win… amen”
Do I have this right.?? OSU has lost 2 games in the last 2 years, both games were in conference and on the road, and yet no playoff invite. As much as I don’t like the Bucks, there’s something not right about that.


Style points usually refer to when you win. Not when you lose by 30 against an unranked team. Ohio State got annihilated by Purdue and really looked pedestrian against everyone after that except Michigan. I think the committee got it right.

Last year Ohio State also lost by 30 in a similar fashion. Much the same treatment.


Or not


The team looked better under Day, and seemed to take a step back when Meyer took the reigns.

I wonder if he started thinking about this in the run-up to UM as that version of OSU looked much more like the early season version of themselves (down to the more aggressive passing scheme) then anything else we saw in conference play.



In response to experiences as a visiting fan (up above):

I always have a great time at the Big House with Michigan fans. I love tailgating on the golf course and they really roll out the red carpet for visiting fans. I have been there 4 times with my buddies – One time we were all invited to a frat after the game (before we were 21) and had a great time. Another time (when we were 21+), we were allowed to entirely cut a large line at a popular local bar/club (Ricky’s? I think) and where given free cover, since we were in our PSU stuff.

Very classy fans - I may hate Harbough (VERY easy to hate), but I have nothing but respect for their program and will cheer for them against tOSU any day!



Check out the suggested new name for PSU’s bowl.


Here’s another reason why the BT conference divisions should be realigned.


Only at OSU! :blush:


He’s a great role model of what not to do


It says “co-teach” so maybe Urban’s taking the Leadership part (highly skilled there) and leaving the character part (well… you be the judge) to the other instructor.