OT - Big Blue Madness


Had the chance to go to Big Blue Madness last night at UK (I was the only one wearing PSU gear ;D)

I’m not sure I’ve ever been to a sporting event w/ so much energy. Those people in the Commonwealth, as they refer to themselves, sure love their basketball. A couple of things stood out:

  • Calipari is an unbelievably dynamic personality. If he said “jump off a cliff” I was w/ 18,000 people who would have gladly jumped to their death. The man is a salesman. I had to chuckle when he said he was building a program built on “academics and integrity”. He was doing his best to generate excitement for the season while keeping expectations grounded.

  • John Wall is a crazy athlete. Some of his dunks were out of this world. One and done for sure.

  • There were multiple recruits in the house and the fans were chanting their names. Isn’t that some sort of a violation?

This event got me excited for the day PSU basketball will generate this type of buzz, although I’m not sure Dechellis has the charisma, hair, or snake oil necessary to “succeed” like Calipari :wink:


It is illegal for the university to publicize a visit or organize anything like the chants, but I think even the NCAA can’t punish schools for what the fans chant.