OT: anybody see the Dirrell vs. Abraham fight


That was a crazy ending. Terrible cheap shot by Abraham. Weird reaction from Dirrell, but that was such a cheap shot. Hope Dirrell is ok.


I did that was a pretty dirty move…


Well it was clearly an illegal punch by Abraham, but I don’t know if you can call it a cheap shot. It all happened pretty fast.

Dirrell is a great boxer and I thought he got robbed against Froch. Dirrell was ahead on the cards, but in the late rounds Abraham was coming on and landed some big punches. In fairness, the ref made it pretty tough on Abraham. In the 9th round, Abraham had Dirrell in the corner, and the referee warned Abraham for some reason, and re-started in the center of the ring. Also when Abraham landed a huge right hand with Dirrell in the near corner, the ref stopped it to check Abraham’s cut. (a time when Abraham had Dirrell in trouble) He ruled what should have been a knockdown by Abraham in the 10th a slip. Abraham was down on the cards and was pushing for a knockout. In the 11th, Dirrell slipped on the logo as Abraham landed a glancing punch. By the way i hate how boxing has those logo advertisements on the ring mat nowadays, they are terrible and cause so many slips - whenever they are wet there is always a slip and it makes it much more dangerous sport. The entire scenario would have been avoided had they not had logos in the ring. But anyway, Dirrell was crouching and swaying low when he was near the ropes earlier in the fight, and although Abraham shouldn’t have thrown the punch, it was a split-second decision and when you are in there pushing for a KO, it’s hard to tell sometimes when the guy is down or when he is leaning on the ropes. Sure, it looked like a cheap shot in the slow-mo replay, but in live-action it’s a different story. It was a lot like Roy Jones vs Montell Griffin. The ref even started counting Dirrell out until he realized he was hurt, only then he stopped the count and called in the doctor and ruled it a DQ. It was the right decision, but I can’t call Abraham a dirty fighter for that. Dirrell also landed a lot of low blows throughout the fight and the ref didn’t even warn Dirrell. (maybe he warned him once i can’t remember)

Anyway, it was a great fight, one of the best fights in the year. Dirrell knocked King Arthur down for the first time in his career in the 4th after a great exchange. It was just a great fight and I tip my cap to Dirrell for fighting such a smart fight. Now the Super 6 tournament is up for grabs. These two could meet again in the semi-finals or the finals. Abraham is a great power puncher. He fights Froch next and I think Abraham is gunna be come out strong. So, great fight, credit to Dirrell for the blueprint to beat Abraham. Tough ending for both men, but i sure wish they would have a plain ring with no logos. They cause so many damn slips it’s ridiculous. They make enough money to not have to have friggin logos on the ring mat.


There was also a knockdown by Dirrell that the ref did not count. Abraham was clearly kept up by the ropes and, by rule, that should have been ruled a knockdown. The action happened fast, but Abraham did not even wind up for the punch until after Dirrell was down. I think he definitely knew what he was doing when he threw the punch. He was coming on strong and might have taken Dirrell out if he didn’t nail him. Now we’ll never know. I do hate those logos. It is always amazing how often they cause slips in fights.