OT: another one bites the dust


PSU women’s gymnastics coach Steve Shepard announced his resignation today - that the fourth coach in the last couple of months to leave (men’s soccer, men’s and women’s lacrosse, and now women’s gymnastics). The AD announce the now typical refrain saying they “immediately launch a national search for his successor”.

You could have gotten long odds if you would have wagered that four coaches, none named DeChellis, would be leaving the program this spring.


Any common supposed reasons for the resignations??


Just a guess, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s one more head coach on the women’s side who steps down by summer’s end.

I agree, four (or more) coaches resigning in one season is a bit unusual at Penn State. Probably just coincidence, but I have to wonder if Athletic Department is turning up the heat a little because it has some $$$ to pay for more accomplished or more promising replacements. Again, that’s complete speculation by me.


None that I know of.


Have the coaches taken jobs at other schools yet?


Men’s soccer coach Barry Gorman took a job as the Technical Director with FC Dallas in the MLS and that was clearly in the works before he left - he was here for 22 years.
Men’s lacrosse coach Glenn Thiel said he was retiring - he was here 33 years and a college head coach for 43.
Women’s lacrosse coach Susan Isador said she was leaving for personal reasons and nothing has been heard from her since (that was two weeks ago) - she was here 10 years.
Shepard said he was retiring from coaching but pursuing other career opportunities - he was here 18 years and in coaching for 30.


I wonder if there are economic reasons for the “resignations” and “retirements”. Even the PSU Athletic Dept. is not immune from budget constraints and maybe these coaches were asked to take pay cuts or told that they had less money for recruiting, etc.

I know that in teaching when a tenured older teacher retires, the school district can usually replace them with a younger teacher at half the cost - and with a less generous benefit package. One other thing that happens in teaching is that some teachers retired in a given year because if they retired a year later, their contract changed and they wouldn’t get the same benefit package. In my wife’s district, a great and well respected teacher retired several years before he would have normally retired because he would get health care to 65 if he retired in year X, but would not get health care if he retired in year X+1 or beyond.


I’m envisioning a skit with Joe needing to feast on coaches flesh as part of his rehab


Since PSU never fires a coach, you can be sure that some of these “resignations” were at the request of AD. It is odd though that the rumor mill for the most part has been pretty quiet around town.


Which leads me to believe that the resignations weren’t at the request of the AD.


Another “home run” hire ??..Jeff Tambroni could be next PSU Lacrosse HC



[quote=“tundra, post:11, topic:1229”]Another “home run” hire ??..Jeff Tambroni could be next PSU Lacrosse HC


well, Thiel had two national championships before he came to PSU


It’s official. Jeff Tambroni hired.



Wow, that’s HUGE. Unlike Thiel who came from an established power, Tambroni re-built a team that wasn’t on top when he got there (although Cornell’s pedigree in the sport is good). I sure hope he can “take our lacrosse program to the next level and establish Penn State as a national presence”


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Gordon Brunskill


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