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OT-A reason to pull for BAMA over TEXAS


December 1982, REC HALL on the campus of TPSU.
The Lions take on a very good BAMA hoops squad in a challenging non-con game.
State ultimately succumbs to the Tide, but it is what happened in pre game shoot around that I will never forget.
The Tide ran their lay up drills and then came to the bench as a unit and stripped off their warm ups to reveal custom tees that read, “GO STATE BEAT GEORGIA”, on the front and “BE NUMBER ONE”,
on the back. They shot around in those tees for a few minutes before throwing them to Penn State fans. Classy ?, you bet. Tears in my eyes, I guess.
The rest is history in the Sugar Bowl. Also BAMA was the only team to beat the Lions in football that magical year…and that loss can be directly linked to a gaff within the special teams. OK, I may have gone too far with the last part, which is true…laughing…
Anyway, true story. Anyone else at that hoops game? was a tight one.


I was there, too. That is probably one of the smartest “take the home crowd out of the game” moves I have ever seen, and this was in a packed Rec Hall, too. Could not be hostile to those guys at all after that, no matter what happened.


If I am not mistaken Davis did a similar thing with Iowa.


I was rooting for Bama before I read this thread, but nice post anyway!


That was the 1995 game. If I recall, it was a big snowstorm that day and PSU won it. The most memorable part of that game for me was a friend just missing getting hit with an elbow from Jess Settles while taunting him (gotta miss the Rec Hall days).


That 'Bama thing was pure gamesmanship. It was awesome and fun, but it was at most bonhomie and not fraternity. Rec Hall had a great reputation in those days as being a tough place to play, and Bama tried something to undo it. Which kind of worked, although that game went down to the wire, if I recall.


Upon further review…Wimp Sanderson coached that team. He went out not so quietly…leaving the program about a decade later with a…ahem…“Black Eye”…ahem.