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OT: A Different Kind of Eyeglasses

Wow. These sound awesome for those who struggle to see and adjust to various forms of reading material…like me. A little bit of sticker shock…$895.

when you consider the price of new lenses for one set of frames over a few years, $900 doesn’t seen that unreasonable.

You’re right. I’m just used to buying the 1.25X magnifying type for $10. Then I sit on them or whatever. Here’s a review and an article on the approach and potential competition. These glasses sound awesome. I kind of only need them for reading, but computer screens are starting to be tougher to read than they were just 1-2 years ago. For people with multiple glasses, they sound fantastic, though I suppose you’re adjusting them constantly.

Guys there are places online that you can get glasses from for like $50. I haven’t used them but I have heard good things. Pick a frame, send them your prescription and thats it.

Adjustable, like these? Can’t see how. A colleague has progressives for which he paid $800. FYI, in the article, they state that trufocals will soon be called superfocus and will soon be sold online. I’m constantly taking my glasses off, moving them to the end of my nose(computer), putting them back on(reading), taking them off(driving). It’s crazy.