OT - 76ers [Was: Sixers draft]


I do not know if Noel can play a 4 with Embid as the 5 as they have not done it enough to know. It appears Okafor is a 5 only and not a great one, so I would trade him first and keep Noel for now. Try to get value but he seems the odd man out. Should have pulled that trigger at the draft.


The Sixers won their 10th game in game #35 on the season. That matches their win total in 82 games last season. Considering they started this season 0-7 and have now gone 6-7 over the last 13, I’d say this train wreck is finally getting back on track. Can’t wait to see Simmons added to the mix.


The Sixers were never a train wreck. They were designed for this very event. The only difference is guys like Ilyasova and Henderson help us win every so often.

I’m still so bummed that Ilyasova takes as many minutes as he does from Saric. At the end of the 1st, he passed up a 3/4 court shot to preserve his 3 point percentage. He is annoying and I hope he isn’t here next season.

But the most intriguing thing in Philly right now, Jahlil Okafor has 2 healthy DNPs in a row.


It was just a metaphor. Maybe I should have used the Vegas casino metaphor instead? Tear down an old dinosaur and rebuild with a shiny new tower?? Just because the train was wrecked intentionally (or building was torn down) doesn’t make it any less of a wreck.

I wonder who sits when Simmons gets back. He plays the same position as Ilyasova. But Brown says he wants Simmons to play point guard. That would put three big men on the court at the same time. Not sure how that works out defensively. I guess we’ll see.

I think the Sixers need to showcase Noel as much as possible right now to get him traded. Okafor is still under contract for a couple more years, so not as much hurry on him. If they can trade Noel by the deadline, Okafor can audition the rest of the season for a pre draft trade.


I’d argue they have to move fast with Jahlil and accept whatever they can get if he doesn’t improve in practice, and continues to get DNPs. He makes the least sense on this roster to keep, even if Noel’s impending offer this summer will impact our cap in the future, he is far more desirable to keep over Jah. Jah is actually our 4th best center, he’s not even better than Richaun at this time.



You could be right. I guess the Sixers could still match Noel’s contract anywhere else and either work a sign and trade or trade him elsewhere. So not definitely urgent either way. Long term, if Embiid stays healthy and begins playing 35-40 minutes per night, Holmes is probably the only other center needed.


Embiid is never going to play 35-40 a night unless it’s the playoffs. Centers typically play less minutes in general given their size.


Towns plays 35.5 per game. Only Gortat plays more at 35.9. The next guys on the list are Whiteside and Marc Gasol at 33.8 MPG. I guess you are correct. Even if he’s playing 32-36 minutes per game, Holmes is still the best choice. He had decent numbers in his two starts. I think he just needs to have a consistent role and he’ll be just fine.


I remember watching this kid play at the BJC in the Pa. state finals years ago.


That’s win #11 in game 36. 3-1 in 2017. 4 of the last 5 with the only loss in a tight game AT Boston. Need to get Simmons on the floor.


I remember watching this kid play at the BJC against us.


Sixers won their third straight. And 5th in their last 6 games. Embiid is just fantastic. I hope he stays healthy. He has superstar written all over him.


I’m starting to really believe in the process. The Sixers have won 6 of 8 in 2017 and 7 of their last 9. The last two wins were against teams in playoff spots right now. Tonight was against Toronto-- the #2 team in the east right now. All this without Simmons yet. Throw in a key free agent, a couple of trades and hopefully multiple lottery picks this summer and holy heck. We could see the playoffs next year.



538 has the Sixers with a 2% chance of making the postseason. First time it has been above <1%.

Did anyone see that defensive possession from Saric in the 4th? Incredible stuff from him. Blocked two shots at the rim and the entire team looked so pumped.


Yeah, that was a fantastic sequence. I forgot to mention above that while the Sixers have won 5 of 6, the one loss was in the second game of a back to back and Embiid didn’t play.

For me, the most exciting thing happening is that it’s possible some better free agents will give us a look this offseason.


The Sixers might not have a lottery pick this year.


Don’t they have a swap with Sacramento?


I thought the Sixers could swap picks if it is a top 10 pick. If it’s outside the top 10, then it goes to Chicago. So, I guess the short answer is “maybe”. The sixers could also get the Kings first round pick next year (top 10 protected) if they don’t have to give this year’s pick to the Bulls. I’m not sure of the rule with the swap. I know a team can’t trade their first round pick two years in a row. Does the swap count as a trade? Meaning if the Kings/Sixers swap this year, then the Sixers can’t get their pick until 2019? Might actually work out better to get it unprotected in 2020 anyway though.