OT: 10 teams that can win it all


Interesting article, mentions rookies, coaching pressure gauge(yes, Ed is mentioned), Jimmer Fredette(Battle’s AAU backcourt mate), Buie HS opponent and headcase Lance Stephenson(nailed that one), Northwestern, Sasa HS opponent Tiny Gallon, etc. Lots there.



Other than the terrible 3-point shooting, I thought Lance was having a pretty good freshman campaign. Based on keeping he and Bradley on that list, I would think Xavier Henry would be on it as well. He has stunk in the Big 12 games that I have seen.


Lance was having a decent season. I watched him play v. Xavier and a Big East game, Nova I think, though not sure. He’s got a strange game, really a street game. Not a good defender, can’t shoot outside 15’, good dunker, tough inside the lane vs. guy his size, 6’5". Buie’s better, quicker, better shot, defense, attitude.