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Osu igt


Let’s Go State!


Going man to start


Battle with a fadeaway 18’ shot as the shot clock expired…nice to see him hit one of those early


Couple good shots for DJ so far, need them to go down…


Not really liking the shot selection so far…three 3s and a two 19 footers


But we’re getting good ball movement and have had open looks.


4 min in, love the pace and the closeouts on OSU’s shooters.
When they go man they’ve got Lighty on Brooks (due to Jeff’s athleticism at PF) so DJ’s getting some open looks with Sullinger (not used to guarding guys 20-feet from the basket) on him.


Tim Frazier needs to drive the lane like that more often


Timmy! with a layup. Do that all the time man! :wink:


PSU leaving OSU shooters wide open on the perimeter. Can’t be doing that.


I guess everyone’s watching the Steelers get beat up.


I’m here with ya.


That’s a month of points for Timmy. :wink:


8 min in, the floor really opened up for OSU once they replaced Lauderdale with Craft.
Brooks struggling a little - hopefully Oliver can knock someething down because pick-and-pop w/Battle is always getting someone an open look today.


Was eating dinner and watching. Love the ball movement and shot selection. We’re playing four on five on defense, worried about Sullinger.


We’re also in good position on the boards even if we are fumbling some of them.


So far so good. Battle playing like I thought he would. Frazier making a nice contribution.


Not sure I am loving the fallaway threes but I guess it’s results that counts.


DJ too. Hope he keeps it up. Would be nice to see Brooks really get going. Nice move though for the 2 points he had.


Got to feel good that we haven’t hit the wall yet. Playing with lots of energy.