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OSU 80 PSU 70

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Time to give the Lady Lions some more of my attention. Hope they get the win today. OSU’s record looks bad but it’s because they faced steep competition like last year. I think the game will be similar to the two games last year. Let’s see if they can flip the script and get a win.

Lady Lions hold a 15-13 lead at the end of the 1st quater at Ohio State! The last game is rubbing off on PSU in a good way!

OSU leads 33-26 into the half. PSU recovered towards the end to close it to 7. OSU is shooting poorly from the FT line which is keeping PSU in this.

Ladies fought well but a poor defensive 3rd quarter did them in. If they had held the Buckeyes even there they probably get the win. They’ll probably see some more wins in the future if they keep playing this style of game. PSU finally has 3-4 scorers they can rely on.