Osborne on Nebraska Basketball - No More Excuses



“There’s no reason why Nebraska shouldn’t be very competitive in both men’s and women’s basketball down the road,” Osborne said. “It doesn’t happen overnight, but we do think we’ll gain considerable momentum.”

Osborne said he would expect a 15 percent bump in attendance initially because fans will want to experience the new arena. Eventually, the Huskers will have to produce to keep fan enthusiasm going.

“The wild card is how good is your basketball team?” he said. “If we have really good basketball, we’re going to fill those seats. If not, we’ll probably struggle a little bit more.”

Wish our administration (i.e. Curley) was not so fundamentally lacking in basic knowledge of supply and demand principles, and how to create demand. Instead of looking forward to a better program, he thinks our horrible program is “one of the best in the country”. He blew his chance with a new arena long ago.


Good for Tom…“NO REASON WHY”…But, if he changes his mind and wants “excuses” he should read this board.
Under Danny Nee Nebraska hoops had a good deal of success. 5 NCAAs, 6 Nits (including a NIT title) in 14 years (1986 - 00.)
Danny’s son played at Bishop Canevin HS in Pgh a few years ago.

Interesting because Nebraska should be in the Big Ten(16) soon!