Open Practice for NL Hoops Club and Season Tix Holders


Its Sat. Oct 24, at 9 am.

Guess all those info starved will get more info after this weekend for sure.

Maybe more photos.


[quote=“PSUdraw, post:1, topic:127”]Its Sat. Oct 24, at 9 am.

Guess all those info starved will get more info after this weekend for sure.

Maybe more photos.[/quote]

I’ll be going to that, I’m gonna try and get a pretty extensive write up about it up before the game later that day


Am I the only one going? lol


I’ll be there as well… I’ll have some sort of write up… I’m interested in what kind of practice they actually let us watch, meaning how in depth they get and so on. Either way, I’m excited. Give us something to talk about for the next 2 weeks before the exhibition game.


I am going as well


Practices used to be open. In my school years (early 70s) I watched practice in Rec Hall pretty regularly. After that until we moved into the BJC every year I took a couple of vacation days and came to SC to watch practices (usually 3 each) for the guys and gals. I still tried the first couple of years in the BJC. But it was awkward. I had to get permission from Jerry Dunn personally via the phone. He was a little standoffish. First he said sure, but then he said some days BUT not others. BUT the days that fit my schedule seemed to be “bad days” for him. I got the message. When I called Rene in the BJC years she said “sure, no problem.”


I have no problem with any coach wanting their practices to be closed. I know I certainly wouldn’t want every tom dick and harry sitting in my office watching me work.

That being said, I think having a few announced open practices every year is a good pr move. Expecting any coach to be open for drop ins is asking too much.


Nope… We had a good turn out.



Chris Babb can shoot the basketball. From anywhere, anytime.

He’s probably going to have 250+ attempts this season.


[quote=“eric17, post:9, topic:127”]So.

Chris Babb can shoot the basketball. From anywhere, anytime.

He’s probably going to have 250+ attempts this season.[/quote]

Great to hear. I think that’s a bit more than Talor took last year. Maybe he averages what Pringle did, and Frazier averages what Danny did. Any comments on anybody else?


I agree it was a very nice turn out…

Here’s some of my thoughts…

Frazier- I figure I might as well start with Frazier since he’s the hot topic right now. First things first you wanna talk about a competitor. I loved this kid’s competitive nature. During drills, the scrimmage, or whatever, this kid was going all out. You could tell if Talor scored on him how ticked off he would get at himself. I really like this kids game. He’s a phenomenal point guard. Don’t get me wrong, the kid made some freshman mistakes but he still just runs the court great. Whenever he gets the ball off of a rebound or outlet, he looks to push it and run the floor which I like. However his shooting is just not quite there. He struggled with his shot now both times I have seen. I read he wasn’t an outside scorer, but I’m not going to lie I didn’t expect it to be as bad as I’ve seen. I could have caught him on two bad days though, as time will tell. But saying this, I love how this kid runs the point. He penetrates and he always looks to pass which I love. He create some wide open shots for guys on kickouts and dishes down low. I’d love to see Frazier and Battle on the court together at the same time, with Frazier at the 1 and Battle at the 2. I think Frazier could create a lot of open looks for Battle. I think this guy will really help us out.

Babb- Well it’s safe to say Babb got the green light this year to light it up from behind the arc. He was feeling it today, he made 4 or 5 in a row in the scrimmage as well as a bunch during practice. I was very pleased with his play today, he looked solid. We really need this kid to step it up. We lost 32.5 ppg from last year as well as 2 of our best 3 point shooters and we need Babb to make up for the loses. My only concern is this. We basically need this kid to go from a kid who played minimal minutes, 10.1 and averaged 2.8 ppg, to our second leader scorer. No offense to the rest of the guys returning ahead of him, but I really feel to be successful we need Babb to be our second scoring threat. Jones, Jackson and Brooks to me just aren’t guys who can light up the scoreboard on a nightly basis (I hope they prove me wrong). But I think Babb can do this. He got a smooth shot and he got a little “swag” to him too. He is confident which is key at this level. I expect big things.

Talor- What is there to say about Talor? I laugh when I see him miss three’s in drills I couldn’t help to smile and lean over to my friends and say if there was 2 guys in his face, he was 5 feet behind the arc, and there was 3 seconds left on the shot clock, he woulda made. We’re so lucky to have this guy. It’s gonna be fun to see his progression in year 3.

Jones- Jones looked just like he did last year. Solid down low, good rebounder, just struggled a little on finishing. I get somewhat frustrated when I see him go open for a shot, and he gets fouled by a very smaller guard and he doesn’t get the shot to fall. Jones does a lot of great things for us, I just don’t know if we can rely on more points from him, he is just not really a scorer to me. Like I said I hope I’m wrong, but we’ll see here soon enough. Jones all in all looked good, and I think he’ll be just as productive as last year.

Brooks- The ultimate wildcard. I sat there while watching him during defense drills and I was blown away. He is such an athlete. I watch him stop Talor with ease, and then stop the big men with ease. Then I’m watching the scrimmage and it’s like where’s Jeff? We need someone to step up to make up for them lost points and I think Jeff needs to make up for some of the points. We all know he can do but now it comes down to will he? He seems relaxed and eager, which is good mental state for a guy like him. Maybe he was putting to much pressure on himself and now he’s ready to just bust lose. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Jackson- I hate to repeat myself, but I’m going to once again. I just cant picture DJ being a scoring threat at all times. I hope I’m wrong. He does a lot for us though. He’s versatile, playing the 3 and the 4, and he is a good defender. I like DJ a lot as a player, he does a lot of things well. I just worry about where these 32 ppg are going to come from, and I don’t know if Jackson can pick up much of that slack. (Once again please prove me wrong DJ)

Woodard- It looks likes “smooth” is going to be our biggest threat to score of the bench. He’s got a very sweet stroke behind the ark. I expect a lot from Cam this year. He shot some big 3’s last year, and it’ll be interesting to see how he plays when he is actually given minutes and able to get into a zone. What I love about him is that he’s not afraid to shoot it. He’d come in off the bench and shoot a 3 at a big moment and knocked a lot of them down. I like that attitude.

Ott- Ott 2.0. Our boy Ott is trimmed down. He looks good, he really does. The best way to put is, I forget who posted it, but they said “we could have a worse backup center.” I feel that person summed it up perfectly so I’m done.

Edwards- I really really like this kid. I love his lefty shot. He’s got a great body for the game. He’s a very solid kid. I think this kid could surprise a lot of us and do a lot of good things and contribute. Lets face it, if he wasn’t solid, Coach wouldn’t have given him a late scholarship. This is a guy to watch out for. He might turn a lot of heads this year.

Marshall- Marshall looks like a guy who sat out his senior year of high school with an injury (that is what happened if you weren’t aware). His game is just sort of choppy right now, its not all there. Saying that, you can tell the kid can play. He makes some great moves getting to rim. He made a nice reverse base line dunk at Hoopsfest and made some nice plays this morning. I think it’d be best for both us and him for him to red shirt. He could be a big contributor down the road, but I don’t think he can impact right away.

Sasa- Sasa does have a lot of skills. He can step out and hit a mid ranger, he’s good on the boards boxing out, and can get to the ball. Once again like Marshall, I think a redshirt could possibly benefit him. He seems a little confused at times though. I don’t know I could be wrong, I just don’t see where Sasa could get minutes. I just think the 9 guys about Marshall and Oliver as well, there just isn’t many minutes to go to Sasa. I feel a year in our system and next year Sasa could really be able to produce.

Oliver- Oliver did not practice today as he Coach said he has been having problems with headaches. Can this kid please get healthy so we can see what he can do. We’ve been hearing good things, but I’m very interested to see what he can do.

all in all I really like our athleticism. Lets face it the Big Ten is going to be TOUGH this year, a lot of solid teams with experience. I think we are up there as one of the most athletic teams in the conference. I think this and our depth will really come in handy.

I’d like to apologize for this post being so long… What can I say I’m very excited for this season and I’m finding anything to talk about… 13 days until Slippery Rock exhibition!


Nice post pizzaman, good info.


Billy Oliver is the ultimate mystery man. I cannot believe I have yet to see him play basketball.


I find it frustrating, I’m sure DeChellis finds it frustrating, but it must be the worst for Billy…

The headaches thing kind of worries me because of his concussions-hopefully it’s something that will pass quickly.


Nice post Pizzaman. Don’t believe they’ll redshirt two players, but if they’re down on the charts, who knows?

I agree on the need for post type points. Do you not think Sasa might contribute more points in the paint than others? Who do you see scoring inside?

Shame about Oliver.


Sasa’s defense is terrible. He’s not going to see a whole lot of time this year IMO.


I agree, redshirting two players is unlikely, but I also feel it is unlikely to see us use an 11-12 man rotation, especially in Big Ten play. The ten guys ahead of them are going to see valuable minutes, so to me I just don’t know where minutes we’ll come for everyone. Its a good problem to have though.

The post points to me is just such a toss up. Those guys just are not scorers to me. I think all of them will improve some on their numbers last year, but I don’t see it being a huge upgrade. Like honestly, can anyone really picture Drew Jones averaging 9-10 ppg? I just cant expect much more then his 6.2 from last year. Please make me eat my words Drew, like I’m begging you. Brooks is the guy that just needs to step up. We NEED more then his 3.3 ppg last year. Theres no way around it, we need him to step up.

Who knows maybe Sasa is the answer. I just don’t see it after watching 2 open practices. I just think right now he is to raw and in my mind if we’re going to lean on him to score, we might be in trouble. Who knows what will happen. I think we need Brooks, Jones, Jackson, and Ott to all just contribute a little more then last year because I cant picture one of them becoming huge scoring threats.


Remember last year how Babb was much better in the last 4-6 weeks of the season than before. I think Sasa might be the same case. It will take him a while to get comfortable and learn how to succeed at this level.


I dont want to give the guys free passes forever, but he hasn’t been playing on the college level for long. I’m not saying you’re wrong, I’m just gonna let him get his footing first


I believe he had 20 points in the 20:00 minute scrimmage.