On the 123rd day


Wednesday, August 4, 2010 11:35 AM, EDT

[size=20pt]On the 123rd day, Tim went home.[/size]


There’s no place like home!

Congratulations Tim! Best wishes for your continuing recovery.


Hip Hip Hooray!! 8)


I assume then that the Willie Nelson concert is a ‘go’, too.

Congrats Tim, keep up the hard work.


Huge milestone.

I’m sure Tim is glad to be out of the hospital and I’m willing to bet he’s listening to his tunes now on a kicka$$ stereo system. 8)


Congrats Tim!


Congrats Tim!


Congrats Tim!


Welcome home!


This is GREAT news!!! ;D


Congrats, Tim. Best wishes for your continued recuperation.


The question now stands is Tim going to pull an Adam Talifiero and lead the team onto the court this fall!

Freaking awesome news! Keep it up Tim!


Good stuff Tim. Glad to hear you are home. Maybe we’ll see you more often around here now.


Congratulations Tim, Always better to be at home. Hope things continue to go well.


From all your cyber-roommates, welcome home, Tim!


Great to hear it! Way to fight the good fight Tim!


this is the only thing I can think of that all 219 members of this forum can completely agree on. best wishes and a quick recovery for Tim.


No, there’s 220 members. :wink: