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Ole Miss IGT


Greetings from the BJC


Five minutes before tipoff and there’s maybe 50 students. Shame on you for acting like you were going to show up when Coach was running around on his golf cart during the summer. I guess attendance will have to be built the old fashioned way–by repeatedly winning,


Starters: Frazier, Glover, Travis, Marshall, Oliver.


Ted Valentine is attending tonight


I hate being negative, but when I am sitting here at the game I don’t need live video on the scoreboard. What I need is player #'s and stats like every other basketball scoreboard.


Me too


anyone got a video feed for tonight’s game?


It’s beyond embarrassing I’m the first one to give students the benefit of the doubt, but this is pathetic. If we played a team with a pulse, even as far back as 2007, we’d get a good turnout of students. Canning or not. Did they even bother selling tickets in the hub for this game?


Btn network?


Oops by Billy. Crazy feet leaving.


Glover doing it all!


Wow! Great little series.


Glad we could get some other guys to contribute early


We’re better than our previous lows, as I keep saying. Run and chew gum, pass and catch, etc.


We at least seem to like shooting at the BJC. Or am I forgetting a game?


Was that the dance team or cheerleaders? Who ever it was, like the new out-fits. :slight_smile:


How is Ole Miss making these 3s early


Uh oh Ole Miss is feelin it from three. Hopefully they stop falling.


Travis has a first step and can put it on the floor.


Glover is feeling it early