OK gu;ys, win one today for the ultimate fan


Well, just win one anyway.

I’m headed to the Michigan State game from Philly, but not driving.

I’m taking the Harrisburg Chapter bus.

How, ylou say?

Here’s my intinerary,

4:15a - Leaving house in Aldan, walking to Darby Transporation Center
5:00a. - SEPTA Route 11 trolley to 13th and Market, Philly
5:55a - Leave Greyhound Terminal at 10th and Filbert to Harrrisburg
7:55a - Arrive at Harrisburrg Bus.Train Station
8:05a -CAT rout 20 to High Pointe Commons
9"00a - The PSU Express Bus

7:00p - Leave State College bace to Harrrisbug
9:00a- Arrive High Point Commins

I can get one of two Routee 20 bises bacl tp Harrisburg bus station

11"45p - Bus back to Phily wihcih arrives 1:45a

A long day. Gotta go.Sorry for the typos.


Wow…safe travels TJM.

Funny how you find a way to get to and from the PSU game 200 miles, 6 buses, a couple of trolleys and 14 hours through the hinterlands of Pennsylvania. Yet I’m having problems figuring out how to get to the YMCA in Atlanta that is about a mile from my house, but through 4 inches of snow and down and up some icy hills. :slight_smile:


NittanyIllini, I’ve been snowed in since monday here in western North Carolina. We’ve been getting killed since December. I’ve never seen anything like the snowfall this winter. Even in Texas it has been snowing.

How’s the weather in State College now? It looks like from the reports it’s not snowing at the moment. Hopefully the lack of snow today will help to get a solid crowd for Michigan State. The early start may make it tough, but what kind of crowd can we expect today in this ESPN national broadcast?


Geez - with as much work as you put into figuring out that route, you think you’d be able to figure out how to afford a car!

LOL j/k. Hope your trip went well, despite the loss.




Worst trip ever. Let me know when you get home in 7 hours if you agree! ;D