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Ohio State QB Pryor says he wants to play hoops

Just talk. NO WAY he would play! He will be doing NFL combine stuff. I saw some of the tO$U game the other night on the BTN. They don’t need him!! He would just be a distraction.

Who knows. Maybe he’s beginning to realize that he’ll never be an NFL caliber QB. I don’t think he throws accurately enough to be in the NFL. I do think he’d be a fantastic TE if he is willing to block. I’ve never seen him play hoops so I can’t comment on his abilities, but the fact that he chose football leads me to believe that the NBA was even more of a longshot. Most likely, he’s was just having some fun with the hoops comments.

As an underclassman in high school, he was more highly regarded as a hoops prospect than a football one. Many people were surprised that he decided to concentrate on football instead of basketball. He actually committed to Pitt to play basketball when he was a sophomore.

The wonderment of Twitter…

There is zero chance that he will be doing NFL combine stuff. Pryor will be back next year. He might be smart to try and play some hoops this year and next…