Ohio State - PSU IGT


Playing a top 10 team. Jones, Brooks, Jackson, Bab, and Battle starting again.


Time to shock the world baby!


stole my thunder there duffy




well look all out of sorts out there… very sloppy


Babb with a nice pass into Jones that led to a layup, and a BLOCK on Turner. Nice!


This is looking like it’s going to be a back and forth game.


Surprised we haven’t seen frasier yet. He’s really been playing well.


is it 11-9 psu right now? i am trying to see if the site i’m following is worth following.



Appears to be working fine.


I have no TV. Is OSU’s poor shooting so far a reflection of our defense?


They have missed some open shots but our defense has been better than usual.


Not really. Diebler has missed 2 wide open 3’s and Buford also missed an open 3. Plus the rim has been unfriendly to them. We should have a little bigger of a lead with their poor shooting so far, in my opinion.


Bad play by Ott, who gave up the baseline and then Frazier on a foul that should not have happened.


Someone forgot to box out. :o


Good to see Edwards with 4 points and a board.


Some really inconsistent officiating so far. First 7 minutes or so nobody was being called for anything and now PSU has 6 fouls. Jones constantly gets called when an opposing post playing makes a move into him. He either needs to get his hands more straight up or go for the block and make sure they don’t score.


A few quick observations:

The call on DJ for the foul on the lob in by OSU was BS
The non call travel on Diebler was BS
Battle looks disinterested for some reason with a bunch of lazy passes and bad defense


OK, not ED but we’ll take it! :wink:


Well atleast a coach on the bench has some fire in them.