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Ohio State IGT


This may be a first, but here’s the IGT for the Ladies game.

Huge game


I’m in.


If you bet the under, you bet wrong.

These chicks are just running up and down the court




On pace to hit 100 points. It’s surprising how successful the inside game has been.


Wow, nice take by Bentley.


Don’t they teach girls how to box out?


I think the next to last OSU possession is the only one by either team in the first half where the shot clock hit single digits


Nikki is looking like Akeem Olajuwan tonight. Hopefully, she plays like this every game,


What the Hades is Maggie Lucas doing out there? She needs to stop trying to just draw a foul, just try to get off a legit shot !!!


Lung timeout for Sammie P


21 point lead with 8 minutes remaining



Caution–Prahalis core reactor overheating–temper tantrum meltdown imminent–danger, danger!



It officially a whoopin


Triple Double Double - Lucas, Nickson, and Greene.

Congrats on the championship gals.