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NW - Iowa

Northwestern was down 15 at one point but is up 7 at the half.

Dave Revson is very capable in his role and strikes me as a decent guy who is not a blow-dried airhead. By the way.

I really hope Northwestern wins, and gets to the dance.

Me too. Especially if the refs in the tourney start calling travels and they go out in the first round.

These refs have clearly been told that Northwestern will win this game. That was an unbelievable no foul call.

If you look back at the Penn State game as well, you’ll see the same bias toward the team with the chance to make it to the Dance. (Exhibit A: Shurna’s blatant shove of Frazier out of bounds, while Timmy was going up for a layup). Last year, I don’t remember PSU getting any such favors, though I could be wrong.

You’ll never find out one way or another and of course the league will never admit to any bias, but it certainly plays a role, in my opinion.

With that said, NW is good enough to make the Dance without all the favors from the league. Anyone who doubts this statement, just needed to take in the Ohio State game the other night.

One terrible call after another. It’s almost like Ed Hightower is an official in this game. Oh wait, he is. Worst ref is all of sports.

Going to the wire.

Carmody looks like he hasn’t slept in a few days.

Sobolewski just crawled in both ends of a one and one.

NW trying to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Northwestern wins. Wichita State loses though, and that contracts the bubble a little bit. NW will need to win their 1st round BTT game, and maybe even the QF to guarantee a spot for them.

Wichita State loss is no big deal for bubble provided Creighton wins Valley.

Northwestern is making this as difficult as possible.

How exactly is Northwestern making this more difficult?