Nw igt


Jackson in the starting lineup


Announcer: Penn State “has struggled at times this year”


Got to watch Shurna, that kid is deadly!


wow, we’re running really comfortable looking offense for a change.


Jones looked like Quarless there.


Jeff Brooks NW


Wow, Ed Hightower and Teddy Valentine. What did PSU and NW fans do to deserve this?


basketball is easy when you don’t miss any shots. :slight_smile:


Babb has his stroke today. That’s always good.


I saw that… let’s hope they don’t become a factor.


Frazier, Edwards and Ott in.

WHen’s the last time Ed put 3 bench players in at the same time in the first half?


Brooks is being very aggressive… it’s rather nice to see.


Northwestern hits 5 threes in the first 8 minutes and PSU is still up by 4. Interesting…


NW can’t beat us inside (rare for us) so we have to quit cheating in on defense and letting Shurna and Thomson get the easy perimeter shots.


Mirkovic can, but I agree with you. Better to give up 2’s than 3’s.


They won’t beat us posting up, but they can certainly beat us on the back door plays if we don’t take it away. We’ve always done a good job of not giving them layups inside, but it certainly results in a little less focus on their outside shooters.


PSU doing a very poor job on the perimeter.


Nice 18’ jumper from Frazier


Timmy, please do more of that!


I’m okay with giving up the outside shots vs the backdoor cuts as well. Northwestern pretty much forces you to do one or the other, and I don’t think they are good enough shooters to beat us just on those types of shots alone. If we rebound better it doesn’t matter.