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Judging from the quality of the Temple-St Joe’s picture, I’d say we don’t have the worst ESPN broadcast equipment on hand in State College.


Let’s have a good showing tonight


Best student turnout I’ve seen this year.

Coach O’Brien sitting behind the hoop, I think. Felt kind of bad for him when he tried to wish Chambers good luck on his way out of the tunnel, but don’t think Chambers heard him. bOB gave high fives to all the players, though.


Zoning these guys has always seemed to work for us…


NW playing defense, sort of like watching them rebound. Unusual.


Even though we came up empty on that last possession, I loved the ball movement we had.


Nice freaking pass.


Cam shoots at home, for sure.


PSU is the only DI team I’ve seen all year use a straight 1-2-2 jug zone.

Big question will be if we can score against their 1-3-1. It can be susceptible to offensive rebounds.


Having someone who can catch the ball in the paint is huge.


Jon’s growing up guys.


He could have a big game tonight the way things look right now - NW playing a stretched zone.

[quote="pennstateno1, post:11, topic:3117"]Jon's growing up guys.[/quote]

He could have a big game tonight the way things look right now - NW playing a stretched zone.

Reading the NW blog preview, I thought it was interesting they thought the 1-3-1 zone would give us trouble. 2-3 sure, but w ball movement the 1-3-1 can be broken if you look down low (which we’re doing w Jon).


Oliver and Lewis hurt and we can still bring in three guys off the bench … pretty nice.




Was that really not a foul???


Wow, nice catch and finish Sasa!


Hey, another Penn State big guy who can catch it inside?!

10 points in the paint.


Haha, NW w their own planes trains and automobile issues. Nice to see we’re not the only one. Especially with this winter you guys up north are having.


JG headed for a double double?