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Here we go.


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I still find it amazing Tim averages like 7 assists per game w this “shooting” team.


Northwestern really doesn’t look very good to me. Not sure what all this tournament talk is about. maybe they’re just lulling us to sleep.


live tv - try this site


ugh… this is ugly on both ends.


Ugly game both ways. Jermaine looking decent though. I really think he can turn into a player.


No reason we can’t win this game given how NW is playing, but we’ll see what adjustments both coaches make…


As long as they don’t start hitting their 3’s. Oops.


Great look from Marshall.

Have to be stronger with the ball and finish those bunnies


Both teams struggling on offense but we are in it. We keep missing those close shots around the rim


Glad to see Sasa make those free throws at the end. We lead NW at the half 26-23


That’s a good call. Especially after Glover got
Bumped twice on his shots

Let’s protect a lead.


Alright, if we play: Tim, Trey, Jermaine, Cam, and Sasa, we aren’t terrible.

Tim and Trey alternating on ball with Jermaine roaming around and Cam in the corner. Let Sasa set some screens. I trust that lineup to score points.

Trey didn’t have the best statistical half, but to me it looks like he’s starting to “get it”. He’s getting to the right spots and he looks much faster than he did early in the season.

What’s up with Travis by the way? I feel like his minutes have gone down as the year has progressed.


When you dominate the boards this much, you should win. PSU just lacks the shot/play making. I like Oliver, but his foul trouble might be a blessing in this one.

Agree on NW assessment. I’ve seen them play a couple times and have not been impressed yet (knock on wood).


It’s raining 3s from NW now. They have woken up offensively :frowning:


Not trying to be that guy, but I can’t help but shake my head at the idea this 15-3 run started after the official incorrectly ruled that we kicked the ball out of bounds when we had a 4 point lead and a little momentum.


Yuck. Don’t guard the 3-point line, then pathetic efforts on 2 layups.

I’d like to see Trey in the game and for him to get more aggressive here.


Other than the two plays to start the half, our defense has been reasonably solid. They’re just knocking down their shots. Interesting to see how we respond here.


Also true. That felt like an important moment when it happened.