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North Florida, 7:30 Friday, BJC (BTN+)


Attending my first game in several years.

vs. North Florida IGT (BTN+)


Good job tonight LOB! :+1:


Whoever gave out tshirts the same color as the seats is a genius!! Made all the empty seats look full. Amazing!
Actually… there weren’t as many empties as usual, and you had to look for them or else they just looked like more students, at least in the pictures!


They’re trying the best they can with what they have but the BJC is still a terrible arena for basketball. It’s a shame. If we played in a bowl similar to Purdue or Illinois that place would be nuts.


Best and biggest early season crowd I can remember in many years. Was pleasantly surprised. If we can take care of business this week, Va Tech will be pretty nuts. Student turnout was great, especially considering there was a hockey game next door too.


I just bought a sideline ticket for that game off StubHub ($24), behind the student section, a hotel for the night, and am calling off work on Wednesday. I’m not missing that one ;-). Now, I have my student ID from law school still… considering eating the $24 and buying a $5 SS ticket if I get there early enough…

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